Lead Or Get Out Of The Way! Define Your Personal Leadership Style

Session Type: Convention, Management Workshop


Location: Convention CenterRoom Number: 157A

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Leadership is not a spectator sport. Great managers must synthesize the skills of communication, delegation, and conflict management into a personal style of leadership. This program will discuss the interpersonal and team building skills needed to be influential in one-on-one situations, facilitate group performance, adapt a leadership style that generates heightened performance and optimum productivity, and become an overall effective leader.


  • Slowikowski, Norb

    Norb Slowikowski

    Slowikowski & Associates Norb Slowikowski is a Productivity Consultant who has been working in the Construction Industry since 1982.  Prior to starting his own business, Norb served as Director of Manpower Development for McDonald’s Corporation.  He has assisted over 350 Contractors in improving productivity and maximizing profitability through his results-oriented training programs. Norb is also the author of the acclaimed book, “Hard-Hat Productivity:  The 9 Critical Factors for Maximizing Profits.” If you want to achieve the leading edge in the marketplace while developing your people to become “peak performers”, Norb will help you get to that position of excellence.