Developing Foremen into Mentors to Increase Profit and Market Share

Session Type: Convention, Management Workshop


Location: Convention CenterRoom Number: 151A

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It’s one thing to train foremen and supervisors to be more effective at running a project, but teaching them how to mentor and develop an entrepreneurial mindset in others can increase performance on and off the jobsite. This program will discuss common training model mistakes and steps contractors can take to significantly impact the bottom line. Topics include how to develop foremen into mentors, creating a plan and a path for the professional development of emerging electrical workers, and how to accomplish it all on a minimal budget.


  • Bittle, Nic

    Nic Bittle

    Work Force Pro Nic Bittle is the founder of Work Force Pro and works with contractors that want to prepare and develop their workforce to lead with impact, act like a pro, and perform at their best on a daily basis.  He does this in a variety of different ways.  Through presentations and workshops, through tools that he has developed which are designed to support the learning process, and through a unique information delivery system called Drip Information™.   He is the architect of 2 unique curriculums, that use the Drip Information™ process that are specifically designed to prepare and develop our current and next generation work force for the roles and responsibilities that lie ahead.  Nic is author of two books, Small Business, BIG Mistakes (True Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur) & Perform Like the Boss, How Smart Contractors Lead Others To Think and Act Like The Boss!