NECA 2016 Boston is your place to:

  • Meet & network with your peers
  • Discover thousands of product and service solutions
  • Explore and prepare for new markets
  • Grow your company’s business and boost productivity— train with the experts
  • Save time and money on the job and get more work!

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What will you find at the #1 Electrical Construction Trade Show?

  • The best industry resources for executive management, project managers, purchasing agents
  • Best practices and compliance information
  • Thousands of new products, service solutions and live demos on the show floor
  • Take home extensive industry knowledge that you can implement in your daily business

NECA Show & Exhibitor Opportunities

Being a sponsor, allows exhibitors to stand out from the competition and generate more traffic for their booth!

Meet highly qualified prospects in a professional B2B setting during the NECA Convention & Show and track your leads for a better ROI on your exhibiting experience.

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